The football party you have to hear to believe: Fijian players show incredible singing skills


The football celebration you have to hear to believe: Fijian team-mates show off their incredible singing skills after victory for the Kaiviti Silktails in their historic Australian stint

  • The Silktails are the first Fijian team to compete in an NSWRL competition
  • They have joined the Ron Massey Cup and will be based in Sydney all season
  • The Silktails love to sing and were finally able to sing their team song in round 7
  • Chairman Petero Civoniceva hopes to one day have a Fijian side in the NSW Cup

You know the saying, sing when you win – and no sports team sings a victory song like the Fijians do.

The Fiji Kava Kaiviti Silktails were filmed singing their epic team song for over two minutes after finally claiming their first victory in the seventh round of the Ron Massey Cup.

The Cup is two levels below the NRL and the Silktails first joined in 2022, coached by former Knights and Dragons NRL center Wes Naiqama.

Former NRL and Fiji Bati star Wes Naiqama coaches Silktails in Ron Massey Cup

Victory was a long time coming after narrowly losing to the Black Town Workers Sea Eagles 36-28 in the first round, 27-20 to the Hills Bulls in the fifth round and postponing two rounds.

But the Silktails finally broke through with a resounding 30-16 win over Ryde-Eastwood Hawks to make history for the Fijian rugby league system.

They celebrated with rich song in the sheds, and Fiji’s biggest rugby league export, Silktails chairman Petero Civoniceva said the song was a perfect way to show Australia how the Fijians celebrate.

“It’s a wonderful aspect of what we can bring to the competition – the pride of our Pasifika culture,” said Civoniceva.

“Fijian culture is one where we can share a prayer after a game and some hymns.

“It just shows who we are and what we are. It’s great to see the respect other teams have for us. We are so grateful to play in this competition.

“I know it’s a big sacrifice for the players to be here all season, and away from family and friends in Fiji – they are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”

“We have great support from the NSWRL and the NRL. And local kids are now watching Viliame Kikau, Maika Sivo and Mikaele Ravalawa on TV.

“These are boys from Fiji, and it’s an aspiration for these young kids and the village kids to see their Fijian heroes play in the NRL.”

Players gather in a prayer circle.  Culture is just as important as football for Fiji

Players gather in a prayer circle. Culture is just as important as football for Fiji

If you’re worried you missed the show, don’t be. It seems the Silktails are more than happy to sing along at the slightest opportunity.

The team also sang to congratulate fellow Fijian Vuate Karawalevu for his role in the North Sydney Bears’ win over the Raiders and during the New South Wales Cup half-time break.

Civoniceva said entry into the Ron Massey Cup was the first step towards a long-standing goal of having a Fijian team in the NSW Cup.

“It’s definitely a fantastic path for young players. Obviously rugby union is code No.1 there,” he said.

“But I’ll tell you what – there are a lot of kids who really want to play rugby league too. It’s very exciting.’

Fijian rugby league's long-term goal is to have a team in the NSW Cup

Fijian rugby league’s long-term goal is to have a team in the NSW Cup

“It will be (our long-term goal), but saying we are absolutely trying to make sure that we take it slow. We don’t want to rush things too much.

“I think we have a wonderful opportunity to really learn and grow in the Ron Massey Cup.

“Finally, on the track – yes, we would love to put a team in The Knock On Effect NSW Cup competition. But it’s something we’ll take our time with to make sure we have a good and strong player base.

“And we don’t want to rush the development of our players too much. What is wonderful for us is that we have the time and great support from NSWRL to enable us to do this.


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