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Bebble Rock virtuoso Kabaka Pyramid released his second album, “The Kalling,” on Friday.

The 15-track masterpiece, produced by Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, features some of the reggae icon’s most frequent collaborators like “Jr Gong”, Protoje, Black Am I, Jesse Royal, as well as new ones like Buju Banton and Stephen Marly.

“This second installment of Kabaka’s album discography is a symphony of excellent songs; the clearest and most precise musical statement about the evolution of his songwriting craft – an album worthy of all the games, with no skips,” said Ronnie Tomlinson, a Jamaican-born entertainment journalist based in Brooklyn, Caribbean life.

“The name ‘Kabaka’ is Ugandan for ‘King’ and the enduring survival of the pyramids of ancient Africa represents his desire for longevity in music and his deep connection to Kemetic roots, leaving messages for generations to come”, added the chef. CEO of Destine Media, based in New York.

She said Kabaka Pyramid is renowned for songs like “Warrior”, “Well Done”, “which focuses more on local systemic issues, and reggae music that has taken on a life of its own”.

Tomlinson noted that Kabaka’s debut album, “Kontraband”, received critical acclaim.

Cover of the album “The Kalling”.

“”The Kalling” is a powerful sequel for Kabaka as he is able to fulfill all the duties of his role as an artist to culture and society, while fulfilling his duty to himself to improve his dexterity with the medium,” she said, stating that Kabaka’s latest offering “adds to what is now a tradition of strong albums, with reggae sounds juxtaposed with varied music ranging from funk to jazz and even hip-hop”.

The album features production from Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Young Pow and Kabaka Pyramid himself.

“This 15-track wonder provides ample platform for Kabaka to update listeners old and new on his growth and changes since his debut album,” said Tomlinson. “The production highlights the richness of reggae music, from the shrill perfection of the percussion and bass, to sampling the iconic songs of Junior Byles in Faded Away, Buju Banton, Peter Tosh in Mystic Man or Eddie Fitzroy in EZ Ride.

“Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley exemplified the richness of reggae through each production while Kabaka Pyramid honed his lyrical craft, delivering provocative subject matter while captivating the listener,” she added.

Kabaka said, “’The Kalling’ is really about my journey into music for a higher purpose, not just to get rich or popular, but to inspire a higher vibration in the listener.

“While the majority seek pleasure and gratification of the senses, there are a few that the Most High relies on to maintain balance on earth,” he said. “Music is what I use to respond to ‘kall’, and you can feel that throughout this album.

“I think my audience will see the growth in my songwriting and delivery, as well as Zilla’s top-notch and diverse production, which will make it easier to follow me on this journey from start to finish,” added Kakaba. “No filler tracks to skip.”


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