The Perfect K-pop Song For Your Playlist Based On Your Zodiac Sign


There is a potential melody that complements not only every mood and occasion, but also the time you were born. Whether you’re new to the vibrancy of K-pop or have your favorite band’s fandom in mind, the cosmos has a song recommendation for your zodiac sign.

Catchy hooks, well-choreographed sequences, and high production values ​​highlight the most popular K-pop tracks. They are also central to the success of all things Korean around the world. And, among the hundreds of tracks on YouTube and Spotify, you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t have you tapping your feet. That said, discovering the perfect song that would go straight to your favorites list can involve hours of streaming.

Korean pop music is known for its genres, drawing influences from hip-hop, electronic dance, rock, jazz, and funk. Each idol (or idol group) tends to have their own concept and musical directions, which in turn influence their songs. Naturally, a look at your star sign, which reflects your personality traits and interests, could lead you to the track that best describes you. We’ve curated a list of absolute bangers that complement each zodiac sign.

A Guide To The K-pop Song That Best Complements Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang

This fire sign leads the zodiac contingent and is known to be brave, adventurous, and fashionable. It’s only fitting that their perfect track is just as bold and loud.

Big Bang, one of the most iconic K-pop groups in history, set the internet ablaze in 2015 with Bang Bang Bang, a song that marked their comeback with, pun intended, a bang. The lyrics are bold and frantic, reflecting the thrilling fusion of trap, electronic and hip-hop elements in the track. This song is the life of any party, just like Aries themselves.

Taurus: Welcome by BTS

The homebody of the zodiac, Taurus is stable and grounded. The ideal song for this sign would bring them comfort.

Home by BTS, the biggest K-pop group around, is a heartwarming pop, R&B and electronic track that captures the essence of the warmth that home brings. Dedicated to the band’s fans, the song tells how the singers turn to their fanbase when they are tired and alone, taking refuge in the love they are showered with. Delightful vocals and heartwarming melodies round out the track, giving Taurus a safe space when they need it.

Gemini: Russian Roulette by Red Velvet

Competitive and charming Gemini is known for taking risks and often changing their minds. A piece that reflects their duality would seduce them.

Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette is a synth-pop, dance-pop track that reflects both sides of the band. “Red” refers to bright and upbeat sensibilities while “Velvet” denotes dark themes. In this particular song, the girl group takes romantic risks, playing cat and mouse to win someone’s heart. The lyrics are dark and mysterious, while the song itself is energetic. It’s a quirky track, one that would intrigue easily bored Geminis.

Cancer: feeling special twice

Sensitive, romantic and affectionate, Cancer loves family life and can’t stand conflict too much. This zodiac sign’s ideal K-pop song should reflect their desire to love and be loved.

Twice, one of the most popular K-pop girl groups, sings about feeling safe and comforted in their popular electronic dance track Feel Special. The song is considered one of the band’s most significant. The lyrics describe the transformation of an unworthy and anxious feeling into a reassured and certain feeling, thanks to a loved one. The upbeat, bouncy tunes and fun dance sequences in this feel-good song will put a smile on Cancer’s face.

Lion: I Am The Best by 2NE1

Hard-headed, confident Leos like to be in the spotlight. Their perfect lead should be a nod to this zodiac’s royal reputation.

2NE1’s I Am The Best, as the name suggests, is all about confidence and is an iconic track that has stood the test of time. The lyrics are uplifting, set against a range of genres like electro house, electronic dance and hip hop. The girl group, along with Big Bang, is also considered royalty in the K-pop world. The singers of the song know their worth, just like the Leos themselves.

Virgo: BBIBBI by IU

Perfectionists, zodiac workers, Virgos are known to love transparency. Their ideal lead would reflect their direct sensibilities.

BBIBBI by IU is a laid-back R&B track that confronts the singer’s detractors and critics. The lyrics are both direct and introspective, asking people to refrain from gossip and to draw clear boundaries as to what’s allowed and what’s not. IU also talks about staying alone and focusing on her craft in the track. Intelligent Virgos will appreciate his witty wordplay and motto of working hard without being abused.

Libra: Really Really by Winner

This charming zodiac sign is known for being romantic, valuing relationships, and seeking balance. Their ideal song would reflect how much Libra wears their heart on their sleeve.

Really Really by Winner is perhaps one of the most well-known songs in the K-pop industry. The tropical house and electronic dance track is a feel-good song about courting a crush and confessing your feelings to them. The boy band pulls out all the stops with charming lyrics, groovy dance moves, and sleek costumes. The song, just as popular as this zodiac sign, is the perfect karaoke track, which social butterfly Libras would often head to with friends.

Scorpio: Love Shot by EXO

Arguably one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are known for their emotional intensity. Their ideal lead should delve into introspective themes and reflect their passionate sensibilities.

Love Shot by EXO is an electronic dance-pop song with an addictive chorus, distinctive bass, and some ballad-like aspects. The song is about longing for a magnetic connection and rediscovering the meaning of true love in a dreary world through intense and heartbreaking lyrics. There are layers in the track and the music video that Scorpios would like to untangle. Plus, considering all of the dark themes EXO often explores, there’s no group this water sign would relate to better.

Sagittarius: GoGoBebe by Mamamoo

Spiritual and adventurous Sagittarius is known to be the optimist of the zodiac. Their ideal lead would reflect their free-spirited nature.

GoGoBebe is an energetic electronic pop track by girl group Mamamoo, known for their powerful lyrics and breathtaking vocals. The feel-good song is about loving yourself, with the singers urging listeners to put on their best dress, drop their inhibitions and have fun. Heartwarming lyrics like “it’s okay not to be okay” meet clever hooks in this catchy track while staying true to the band’s usual theme of female empowerment. Sagittarius would love to have fun with this one as they dress up for the next event they’ve been invited to.

Capricorn: How do you like that? Designed by BlackPink

This earth sign is known to be hardworking and determined. Their ideal song would reflect their courage and pragmatic attitude.

BlackPink may be the most popular K-pop girl group in the world right now. Their music is as gritty as it is bold. How you like it is no different. The track merges several genres including house, trap, electronic pop and hip hop, with the lyrics reflecting letting go of a toxic relationship and emerging from a dark phase through perseverance. The lyrics are uplifting, with that distinctive BlackPink girl boss vibe. The singers end the uplifting K-pop track with the certainty of reaching the top and if there’s one zodiac sign that knows how to climb out of the bottom, it’s Capricorn.

Aquarius: Gangnam Style by PSY

Known for being quirky and individualistic, Aquarius are known to be the cool kids of the zodiac sign. Their ideal song would reflect their unwitting pioneering tendencies.

PSY’s Gangnam Style is arguably the track that introduced the world to K-pop and is highly regarded in the industry. The offbeat, dance-pop electronic dance song is about Seoul’s Gangnam district, which is known for being chic and the hub of all things hip. The song gained international acclaim for its catchy tunes and distinctive choreography and continues to be quite the banger. Aquarius is said to be tied to the track’s unintended rise to success. Plus, the song is just as popular as this air sign.

Pisces: Fly With Me by NCT ​​127

This water sign is known to be affectionate, imaginative, and romantic. Their ideal lead would reflect the sign’s tendency to daydream.

NCT 127’s Fly Away With Me is a ballad-like electronic pop song that makes singers dream of their love partners. The lyrics have a melancholic quality and refer to an irrevocable love. This one has a laid-back, laid-back vibe that would be an instant addition to Pisces’ chill-out playlist.

Featured Image: Courtesy of BlackPink/Youtube; Hero Image: Courtesy of EXO/YouTube


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