Tracks of the week: new music from Ghost Hounds, Emigrate and more


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new round of entries in our regular Tracks Of The Week competition. And we feel good.

But before continuing this great party of rock’n’roll, we send our congratulations to the top trio of last week: Gold by Chappell, who came in third place; Don Broco Uber, which ended up in second position; and Jack Broadbent I like your rock’n’roll, who swept through all the competition to finish first.

And now? Forward with the show.


Ghost Hounds – Half My Fault

Recently confirmed as a supporting group for the Rolling Stones’ upcoming North American “No Filter” tour, the Pittsburgh blues rockers fly high on this sunny, southerly bathing new single – just released from their new album. A small calamity, which is now available. A very greedy marriage of marshy heat and Cuban blues, it should win them some new fans during these concerts of the Stones.

Carol Hodge – The Thousand Year Whine

Yorkshire-based Carol’s roots are in punk (her CV includes work with Steve Ignorant / Crass and Ginger Wildheart) but The moan of a thousand years shows she’s a real talent in the realm of smart and trendy melodies and bittersweet storytelling through song – lines like ‘it’s easier to hear what I want to believepack a quiet but powerful punch. Sweet, sad and life-affirming at the same time.

Dirty sound magnet – Heavy hours

Do you want slide guitar? Like, the whole slide guitar? Oh, you’ll find it, and more, on this new track by Swiss psychedelic trio Dirty Sound Magnet. “Heavy Hours is fun doing blues rock and roll,” says singer / guitarist Stavros Dzodzosz. “Like the rest of the album, we came back to the essence of our passion. We wanted to keep the urgency of our concerts and a certain sense of danger. “Keep a close ear for this album in 2022.

Joanne Shaw Taylor – Three Times Loser

Written by the late R & B / soul singer Don Covay and previously performed by Bonnie Raitt and Dave Edmunds, Losing three times was chosen by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith for the British blues star The blues album. It’s a great showcase of his comparatively understated chops and pipes (think Raitt with a Janis Joplin twist, and you’re in the right stage). “I love the lyrics,” says Joanne. “It’s a very upbeat song, but the lyrics are basically about being so tired of being lucky in love. It’s a nice contrast.

Biffy Clyro – A Hunger In Your Den

Following last year’s one A celebration of ends, Biffy are back with their first project entirely made in their Scottish homeland (i.e. instead of flying to LA or London for the recording process). This taster makes an urgent and propelling first impression: “A Hunger In Your Haunt was a riff that I had been playing for a while,” says singer / guitarist Simon Neil. “It’s an expression of pure frustration. There have been times over the past year that I just wanted to scream. I was lacking in purpose and didn’t want to get out of bed for a while, and the song is a wake-up call for me.

Emigrate – You can’t run away

Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe brought back his Emigrate project for a fourth album, and the current fruit of this work is You can’t run away, a dark but melodic hard rock track with a video that mixes a cold war aesthetic with zebras. “It’s about creating worlds and looking at things from a different perspective,” says Kruspe. The job is done, we think. New album The persistence of Memory comes out in November.

Trip The Witch – Saturn We Miss You (feat. Jon Anderson)

Now here is a union that we did not see coming. Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo teamed up with Nashville scene Tom Bukovac (who has played guitar with everyone from Stevie Nicks to Steven Tyler) to form Trip The Witch, and they roped the Yes singer Jon Anderson for a new single. Saturn we miss you. It starts off surprisingly low and is unsurprisingly smooth, but Anderson brightens up everything he’s involved with and the end result is quite charming. We’ve got a half-baked theory that the world is a much better place with Jon Anderson in charge, and maybe that’s the start.

Jacob & The Dazey Chain – The sky is all I need to get high

If you’ve been careful you’ll remember the name of Jacob Reese Thorton, whose singles have triumphed in Tracks Of The Week on more than one occasion. Well, now he’s back – as Jacob & The Dazey Chain – and a new EP. The sky is all I need to get high is out now. It’s the title song, which has the swagger of a young Oasis but without the turgid instrumental backing. Foo Fighter Rami Jaffee provides keyboard support, and is co-produced by Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses. Still a teenager, Jacob clearly has bags of talent.


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