‘True freedom’ not achieved by taking 89% higher loans: Miftah


Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said on Saturday that it was Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf that signed the deal to raise oil prices and taxes on the working class, ARY News reported.

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail at a press briefing in Karachi on Saturday said Shokat Tarin’s commentary on financial matters is beyond belief. Tarin and the party wanted to bankrupt Pakistan, he added.

He added that it was the PTI that agreed to raise oil prices and raise taxes on the working class in the IMF deal. The PTI claimed to eliminate the IMF from Pakistan, but came close to eliminating Pakistan instead, he added.

The Minister of Finance questioned the leader of the PTI that he claimed to decrease the country’s debt so how did he manage to increase it? He added that people were walking around for bags of sugar and oil under your tenure.

Miftah added that the country is currently devastated by floods as 60% of the population has been affected. The government is providing affected families with 25,000 rupees, he said.

He added that the cotton crop in Sindh has been badly affected due to rains and floods. How many times did Imran Khan travel to flooded areas? he asked.

Miftah added that Imran is asking us to buy oil from Russia, why didn’t he do it during his tenure? Has Pakistan ever bought oil from Russia? he questioned the head of the PTI.

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He added that the economy has become stable now, but inflation rates are high. The government has started importing onions from Afghanistan, and we will have to import cotton this year, he added.



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