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The draw is done, the ball is revealed and the scene is set, we are well and truly approaching the World Cup season.

Held once every four years, the football festival brings joy, sorrow and passion. While the attendees and locations have been decided, the show itself is still months away, specifically November.

Still, World Cup fever is starting to spread, as more and more comes to light.

We had the match ball and the group stage draw and on Friday the fans got another reminder that the World Cup is right around the corner.

This came in the form of the official 2022 FIFA World Cup soundtrack, titled “Hayya Hayya” (Better Together).

Featuring American star Trinidad Cardona, Qatari singer Aisha and Nigerian superstar Davido, the song draws on R&B influences and delivers an uplifting track.

A chorus of trumpets blares in the background, and the track is carried by the melodic vocals of the featured artists, providing a laid-back tone.

Fans were quick to the scene and online reactions poured in, here are some of the highlights-

Some were not a fan –

Obviously, the low-key vibes weren’t to everyone’s taste.

Having Davido on the track certainly helped his chances, given the Nigerian’s popularity, however, fans still seemed dissatisfied. It’s important to remember that music, like many art forms, is subjective, and what doesn’t strike a chord in your heart may sound good to someone else.

Nevertheless, the general reactions were rather mixed.

It’s been downhill since 2014-

The magic of South Africa 2010 was perfectly captured in the tracks, as was that of Brazil 2014. The official song for the iteration was “Ole Ola” by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, the track drew heavily on Latin music influences and delivered a song you can really Macarena to. This was followed by Shakira drops “La La” which ended up being even more popular than the official variant, another signature piece by the artist.

The Russia 2018 tracks, on the other hand, were largely forgettable, with the official track titled ‘Make the most’ felt dull for many. On the other hand, the unofficial highlight was “Colors” by Jason Deruloa commendable effort, but far from icons.

Understandably, fans fear that 2022 won’t deliver a World Cup classic either.

K’naan remains undefeated –

Somali-Canadian artist K’naan has struck gold with Flag ‘waving’‘, the track provided an uplifting soundscape and captured the essence of the beautiful game. Its lyrics still stuck like earworms in the hearts of fans, and for many, it just couldn’t get any better.

However, fans loved the inclusion of Davido-

Having Davido on the track certainly helped his chances, given the Nigerian artist’s popularity.

His influence has gone beyond many Nigerian football fans and many have called his presence on the world stage ‘historic’.

It also helped Davido hold his own on the track and blend in well with the overall tone. While Nigeria couldn’t qualify for Qatar, Naija fans can find solace in Davido’s feature.

Hopefully this opens up the possibility for other African artists to play a part in the rest of the World Cup soundtrack.


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