Watch the video: a Kazakh woman plays the dombrya against the backdrop of the pink lake


Former Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim shared a clip of a woman playing music against the backdrop of a pink lake in Kazakhstan.

The minute-long video shows the young woman seated in a chair in the shallow area of ​​the lake holding a dombrya, a musical instrument. Dombrya is a long-necked stringed musical instrument.

Dressed in an outfit suited to the setting, the woman effortlessly plays the dombrya.

Solheim noted that Lake Köbeituz is a salt lake in Kazakhstan that turns pink every few years. “A 23-year-old musician plays in Lake Köbeituz, a salt lake in Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 that turns pink every few years.
Fashion, nature, vibe…beautiful,” Solheim tweeted.

Watch the video here:

The clip went viral and has over 2.1 million views on Twitter. The video was originally shared by the woman, Marzhan Kapsamat, on her Instagram account two years ago. Her Instagram bio states that she is a traditional musician from Kazakhstan playing the dombrya. Her Instagram account features many videos of her playing the dombrya in different scenic spots in Kazakhstan.

According Astana time, social media was flooded with photographs and videos of Lake Köbeituz after it turned pink. The lake is a landmark of Ereymentau, a town in the Akmola region. Citing scientists, the report says dunaliella salina, a type of green halophilic micro-algae found mostly in sea salt fields, was the source of the lake’s color. Microorganisms thrive in warm years and years with low rainfall. As the population of bacteria largely increases during these years, the saturated pink color appears.


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