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Talk to Forbes About the set, the leader explained the approach of twenty-one pilots: “When we were asked to do this, I dove deep into the MTV Unplugged past and realized that, ‘Yes, the concept is that it’s stripped down, you grab an acoustic guitar and you sing your song but I think more it turned into an opportunity to see an artist or band in a different way than they themselves traditionally present.

“So I kind of took that and came up with a concept where we’re actually not unplugged at all. We’re very plugged in. But it’s very different from anything we’ve done before. Usually, Josh and I We’ve been playing pre-recorded tracks so we can focus on our performances and stuff, and we’re proud of our tracks that we created ourselves, but are still pre-recorded.

“What we’re doing for MTV Unplugged, though, is we’re actually going to build those tracks and loop and play all the sounds that you hear and look at what chemistry is needed to create those backing tracks. Where in the past we’d be playing over pre-recorded songs, we’re actually going to build them up, so it’s kind of a looping feature, and then at the end of each song, you’ll really have a different version of the song than anyone else’s already heard.”

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