What is Max’s favorite song in Stranger Things season 4 part 1? (spoilers)


stranger things Season 4 Part 1 is officially out and it’s time to meet our new villain. In the first volume of the super-sized fourth season, the gang faces off against Vecna, a big creepy villain unlike the likes of Demogorgons and The Mind Flayer.

Without revealing huge spoilers from stranger things season 4 part 1, Vecna ​​claims its first kill in the season opener, but Upside Down’s latest villain doesn’t make up her mind on a member of our favorite Hawkins squad until about halfway through the season.

Unfortunately, Max realizes she might be next on Vecna’s list, as she hears and sees the grandfather clock triggering her curse. However, her friends discover a surefire method to keep her out of her clutches, and it has something to do with her favorite song.

Warning: spoilers from stranger things season 4 part 1 in advance!

Kate Bush’s favorite song in Stranger Things season 4

As Max comes closest to being overtaken by Vecna, her friends discover in Nancy and Robin’s interview with Victor Creel that familiar sounds could help bring the villain’s victims back from the Upside Down and regain their spirits. and their body.

In episode 4, Max begins to levitate while visiting Billy’s grave and soon finds himself under Vecan’s thrall. Dustin, Steve, and Lucas scramble to find Max’s favorite song, which shouldn’t be too difficult since she often carries her cassette player and headphones.

The start of the season shows Max listening “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush before sitting down to talk with his guidance counselor, Ms Kelly. Fortunately, Lucas remembers that “Running Up That Hill” is Max’s favorite song, and they play it for her as she exits the Upside Down. It was a close call, but they saved Max!

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